Tinkle Synthetic Urine Review

I managed to obtain a job interview at one of the most important companies in town and I was so excited about this new opportunity that showed itself to me. You could have easily read my emotions and happiness on my face. The interview went extremely well, and as they said I was among those selected for a future interview, they also said I had to take a pre – employment drug test.Nothing weird until now, after all, I did manage to pass a few employment drug tests in the past by using synthetic urine from different manufacturers. I can’t possibly understand what made me choose the Tinkle Synthetic Urine this time, but it was definitely the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life …


This product made me fail the pre – employment drug test and with this, I lost any chance of being hired at that company. All I’ve got now is a job I don’t like that much, hate and a lot of anger at myself, for trusting a brand of which I’ve read a multitude of online reviews, most of them being positive and enthusiastic.Another thing that caught my attention and made me buy Tinkle, besides the positive online reviews, was the fact that it was cheaper than other products, and I thought it was a way in which I would be able to save a few dollars. I never imagined that using Tinkle would give me a different result than it did when I used products such as TestClear (100% negative result) and Quick Fix.Once I prepared the sample and handed it to the laboratory representative, the sample was immediately sent to the laboratory where it took them just seconds to realize that the sample was actually synthetic urine. Apparently, it was extremely obvious and they didn’t even have to test it. That was the last I’ve heard from them and that employer.As a conclusion, created after a series of research conducted by me after my unfortunate incident, it appears that Tinkle is not using uric acid in their synthetic urine, and this is why the sample clearly appears to be a fake. Recent reviews have given this product 1 out of 5 stars when it comes to its quality, uric acid and creatine content, as well as chances of obtaining a negative result. Stop using this product!!!