THC Detox Guide

Learn how to THC Detox within at least 5 days since you last smoked or used.

 So you like to smoke a litte bit of grass on the weekends (or every day), what business does your company or the law have in telling you that’s wrong? We hate the idea of corporations and laws telling us that this beautiful plant is “wrong” That’s why we’ve put together this THC detox guide, so that you can pass that drug test and get on with your life. I’m telling you right now, the best way to THC detox is with any of these products from TestClear. If you use any of them as I describe, you’ll be fine.The cheapest are the THC detox drinks ($20) but the detox kits ($50+) and synthetic urine ($45) will work better if you have smoked or used within 3 days of the test. 

3 days

That’s the cutoff between detoxing and substituting synthetic urine. If you’ve smoked in closer than 3 days to the test, you are going to fail if you use your real urine. So buy real human urine from TestClear.

Best THC Detox Methods:

1. A Full THC Detox Kit (From $54.95)

This is the best product you can buy. Not only will a full detox kit flush out your system and get you naturally clean, but it will help to dilute your sample and make the drug levels less detectable. Plus, it will make your pee look yellow and make sure there are certain creatine levels so you don’t get flagged for diluting. So do what the kit says to do and keep going until the urine is just flowing out of you every 30 minutes. These kits work and are the number one selling detox item for a reason. Get a for less than $60! They’re the best provider I’ve ever found for this highly effective THC detox kit. 

2. Detox Drinks ($19.95)

If your test is coming up sooner rather than later, you are definitely going to want to think about investing in some sort of detox drink. The best one I know of is the ExtraClean Detox Drink from It’s only $19.95 and it truly does the trick. Here’s a photo, click to visit their site and check and it out: This drink will not only help to dilute your urine and make it look yellow (undiluted), but they will also use ingredients that mask the drug levels in it. This is definitely the best method to use for those who want to THC detox in a time frame that is shorter than the usual 2 weeks. If you’re in emergency mode, it’s most likely worth it to splurge and spend money on this. You can find more information about detox drinks here.I’ve used the ExtraClean Detox Drink before to pass a drug test that I had to take THREE DAYS after I smoked marijuana. It was incredible. It’s well worth the $20 you’re going to pay.

4. THC Detox Pills

The only reason to buy THC detox pills is if you have multiple drug tests coming up and you want to smoke in between them. It comes with 6 pills so it can help you detox before 6 drug tests. It’s about $100 though, so if you only have one drug test in the future than don’t buy it.At they have one amazing options for THC Detox Pills. They’re called Ready Clean Gel Tabs and they are work phenomenally well. I’m not kidding when I tell you that I tested these after smoking marijuana 4 days before I tested. I came out completely clean. These pills are less than $100 and will help you pass at least 6 drug tests without an issue.   

5. Substitution

If you’ve smoked within 3 days, you have to use this method. Just switch out your urine for synthetic urine from TestClear. It’s real, human powdered urine so you know you’re going to pass.You’re probably wondering where to get real urine for your test. It’s embarassing to ask a friend, but the guys over at have REAL HUMAN URINE for sale. It works, guaranteed. And it only costs $43.95! For real human urine! It’s unbelievable. Here’s what comes in the synthetic urine kit

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