TestClear Synthetic Urine Review

The first thing I want to say before starting this review is “thank you” for following this website and my posts. Honestly, I have done my best to research and understand the concept of synthetic urine and I’ve also gathered some of the most interesting stories that people had about this topic.One of the goals of my research was to compile a list, as complete as possible, with the products that are used for drug testing and which have failed during the final laboratory test. Unfortunately, more than 90% of all available products have failed to pass the tests in the laboratory, and the main reason is that you need real urine to be 100% confident that the results will be in your favor.The only product that actually managed to overcome all the tests and catch my attention was TestClear Powdered Human Urine. This product managed to reach the first position on my list because it doesn’t use a synthetic substitute, but real dehydrated human urine, thus making it impossible to fail a test. Manufacturers have obtained this procedure thanks to the continuous advances in urine analysis lab testing.Here is how everything comes together:

  1. Using an enormous dehydrator, a ton of real human urine is transformed into extremely fine powder.
  2. A precise amount of powder is inserted into specially created vials and placed in the package that is delivered to the clients, along with instructions, temperature strip and heating pads.

In the end, hands up for them; they managed to create a product that offers 100% safe results. Good for them is they are capable of making profit out of this!At just a bit over $40, TestClear guarantees you will will pass every urine test you take. Deciding to choose another brand, no matter what your reasons are (price, ads, reviews,) you risk obtaining a positive result while being tested in a laboratory, thus influencing your life in a negative manner. I’m not happy to say this, but it is important to be well informed, especially since I’ve seen and read different stories where people used products such as Agent X, Quick Fix, etc., and failed at the lab testing.I guess the main question is how lab technicians can tell when a sample is not real urine. The main reason is that real urine creates foam when it is shaken, and synthetic urine doesn’t. This is also the case for the TestClear sample, it foams when you add water over the dehydrated urine and you shake it. The second reason is that the TestClear product contains uric acid and creatine, key ingredients in lab testing. Even though most drug testing products contain creatine, there are just a few of them that also contain uric acid; thus increasing their chances of obtaining a positive result.My honest opinion is that is the absolute best product that is available on the market. Using it, I have successfully managed to pass every single test, including an ETG test. Even though I haven’t used any other product, my opinion is based on a series of research that I’ve conducted on this topic, and also on my personal experiences with drug testing.This being said, if you are faced with the situation in which you will need to take a urine drug test, Testclear Synthetic Urine is the most effective solution to your problems.If you want to read more about this product, the advantages and choices of use, click on this link to read more details.