Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Hey guys, my name is Marshall and I just wanted to tell you about some recent research that I’ve made on the recent development of urine drug testing and Quick Fix, a well known product that offers various kits with synthetic urine.More and more laboratories have developed the necessary procedures and equipment so they can easily detect if a sample is real or synthetic urine. These tests actually detect the presence of urea, a key ingredient in the composition of real urine. Even though some may say that uric acid and urea are the same, it is crucial to know that there is a difference between them, and you should get informed about which products that are currently available on the market actually contain urea. You need to understand that most laboratories that focus on searching for this substance will mark the sample as a synthetic product or as an invalid result.Quick Fix Plus is among the products that contain urea, and most reviews that can be found online suggest the fact that even though producers are looking to make this product seem like the best available choice, many of their clients are extremely disappointed for using it.Some say that the lab instantly discovered the fact that their sample was actually synthetic urine, while others say that their results came back positive, even though they’ve correctly prepared the sample.The advances in the preparation of synthetic urine have increased significantly, so much that Spectrum Labs, the laboratories that create the Quick Fix synthetic urine, have developed a technology that makes a much cleaner, toxin free urine. As much as they try to balance all the necessary ingredients (creatine, urea, etc.), the pH level and any other characteristics, the final results don’t seem to be as encouraging as the manufacturers believed.Unfortunately, there is not that much scientific evidence supporting the fact that Quick Fix is a dependable and 100% serious product that can be used to help people pass their urine drug tests. I should be fair and say that Quick Fix has also gained some followers, people that claim to have had good results while this product.