How to Pass Any Urine Drug Test

How to Pass ANY Urine Drug Test – Complete Guide

The Exhaustive Guide to Passing a Urine Drug Screen

Urine drug test coming up? Not sure what your best options are? We’ve got you covered.The days and nights leading up to a drug test are some of the most nerve-wracking that you’ll experience. It’s a stressful event, especially if you have no experience in drug test circumvention. Whether trying to secure that awesome new job, pass that home drug test so your parents don’t know you’re still smoking marijuana, or whatever other reason you need to pee clean, we will show you what to do.Luckily for you, urinalysis tests are the only type of test that is beatable no matter what your situation is. If you have enough time, you can simply do a detox. If not, there is always synthetic urine or someone else’s clean urine to substitute for your own.So don’t freak out, there’s always a way to pass. Important Note: In the examples below, we use “Drugs” as a broad term because most non-marijuana drugs are out of your system in 2-3 days. HOWEVER, cocaine and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, etc) can last a day or two longer so make sure to take that into account.

There Are 3 Main Options for Passing a Urine Screen:

Synthetic Urine (or Borrow Some)

Synthetic urine is the magic substance when it comes to this type of test. You simply find a way to conceal the clean urine, keep it warm enough to pass the temperature test, and then substitute the the clean piss into the cup when you’re asked for a sample. It’s actually quite easy.

Best Option If:

You Haven’t Done Drugs in 0-2 Days and/orYou Haven’t Smoked Weed in 0-7 DaysandYour drug test is for…(select the right button below)Pre-Employment OR Random Workplace/SchoolCourt Ordered/Legal

Detox Drinks and/or Kits

If you aren’t 100% sure that you can naturally piss clean because of the time of your last use, than you may want to play it safe and go with a detox drink or kit that is specifically designed to flush your system, dilute your urine yet make sure it still maintains it’s yellow hue when you test.

Best Option If:

You Haven’t Done Drugs in 3-5 Days AND/ORYou Haven’t Smoked Weed in 7-10 DaysandYour drug test is for…(select the right button below)Pre-Employment OR Random Workplace/SchoolCourt Ordered/Legal

Natural Detox

The easiest and most painless way to pass a urine screen is to simply not have an extraordinary amount of drug traces in your urine. If you haven’t ingested any substances in a few days, than it’s fairly easy to simply chug a bunch of water and cleanse yourself.

Best Option If:

You Haven’t Done Drugs in 5-7 Days, AND/ORYou Haven’t Smoked Weed in 10-14 DaysandYour drug test is for…(select the right button below)Pre-Employment OR Random Workplace/SchoolCourt Ordered/Legal

The 3 Most Common Urine Screen Situations Are:


Pre-employment is, in our opinion, the easiest drug test to pass. You know when the test is coming and can prepare, but more importantly they aren’t legally allowed to watch you go, which means the door is shut and you can do what you need to do.However, these drug labs that big companies use have been getting increasingly better at catching urine substitutions, both synthetic and borrowed.

Random Drug Testing (School or Work)

Random drug tests are a bit harder to deal with. Many companies and schools will randomly ask their employees/students to give a sample out of the blue. However, most state laws dictate that the employer has to give notice a few days before the test. Which gives you ample time to get your ducks in a row.Plus, just like the pre-employment tests, they can’t legally watch you and have to shut the door. This makes substitution the safest bet.

Legal Issues

Drug tests issued by the courts are the hardest of all to crack. If it involves probation (or parole) than you know they are going to be watching you like a hawk as you go, making it hard to do anything but pee into the cup and pray.There may be some leeway for you to get away with hijinks, it just all depends on your testing frequency and whether it’s random or not. In general, we would recommend putting your freedom from the legal system ahead of drug use and abstaining for a while, however we understand that some people just don’t want to give it up and so we’ll cover legal situations as well.

A Guide To Peeing Clean in ANY Situation

Okay so given that we know the types of drug tests and the solutions for them, it’s time to figure out YOUR solution. 

Here’s how we’re going to do it:

1. Choose which type of drug test you’re facing and record A or B

a. Pre-Employment OR Random Workplace/School

b. Court Ordered/Legal

Once you’ve decided if you’re A or B, now choose the number below the best describes your last drug use. Take into account the last time you did a drug PLUS the amount of days until your drug test.

  1. Used Drugs 0-2 Days Before/Weed 0-7 Days Before Test
  2. Used Drugs 3-5 Days Before/Weed 8-14 Days Before Test
  3. Used Drugs 6-10 Days Before/Weed 15-21 Days Before Test

Now put the letter and number together, and choose that one below!

  • A1
  • A2
  • A3
  • B1
  • B2
  • B3

A1 – You Will Pee Dirty, Time to Substitute!

At this point, it’s going to be pretty difficult to know FOR SURE if you are going to pee clean. In fact, you probably won’t. So you can go and detox like crazy, drink tons of water and cloak your urine, but there’s still no guarantees since your last use was so recentBut since you’re only going for a pre-employment drug test, it’s going to be given behind a closed bathroom door anyway, so there’s really no reason not to use synthetic urine.We would recommend going for the higher quality synthetic urine online as opposed to the gas station or head shop stuff. We recommend TestClear Powdered Urine because it’s actually real dehydrated human urine so it passes all the tests. Plus it comes with the perfect container for sneaking it in, and hand warmers to make sure it registers the right human urine temperature at the lab.You’re obviously in a tight situation, so do know that they offer overnight shipping. But if it really comes down to it, you can try to find a clean friend who is willing to pee for you into a bottle. 

Steps To Passing the Test By Substituting Urine

1. Obtain the urine, either from TestClear, some other vendor, or a clean friend. 1a. If you borrow from a friend more than 12 hours before the test, you need to store it in the refrigerator or else it will “get stale” for lack of a better term. 2. Obtain handwarmers, the kind hunters use that you crack open and rub around. If you don’t go with TestClear (handwarmers included), than most likely you’ll have to go to the hunting section at Walmart the night before. 3. Figure out what you’re going to use to carry and conceal the urine you’re going to use. I haven’t seen an online urine vendor that doesn’t include some sort of plastic bottle that can be easily concealed. If you’re borrowing from a friend, I would recommend a completely dry, empty water bottle.To conceal it, I would recommend wearing a pair of basketball shorts beneath your jeans. This works for men or women. You can just stick the container in the pocket of the shorts. Some people prefer to tape it to their leg, while some riskier types just stick it in their jeans pocket. 4. 1 hour before you’re scheduled to drop your urine sample (not 1 hour before you leave for the lab), activate the handwarmers and start rolling them around to get them going. Then, wrap them around the container holding the urine using a couple of rubber bands. Before you leave to drive there, put the container wherever you plan to conceal it. The handwarmer plus your body heat should have it at the perfect temperature by test time. 5. Once they walk you to the bathroom, hand you the cup and shut the door, you are golden. Just pour out the clean urine from the container into the cup, and last but not least, make sure to remember to flush the toilet!! It’s a dead giveaway if you don’t.
You may be a bit nervous as you wait for your test results, but chances are if you followed these instructions to the best of your ability, you’ll be totally fine. Good luck on your quest!

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A2 – Cutting It Close, You Have 2 Options

At this point, you’re toeing the line between maybe peeing clean or barely peeing dirty. But the thing about drug tests is, there’s no difference between barely failing and failing for every known drug. You won’t get the job either way.If you had 2-3 days to start detoxing, than I would say you have a solid 95% chance of passing. That goes up a bit higher if you use a detox drink or kit specifically designed for drug detox before testing. But there’s still that minor chance that your body doesn’t metabolize at the same rate as most others, or that you miscalculated by a day or two.So that leaves you two options: you can either hardcore detox and roll with your own pee, or you can appreciate how easy it is to bring outside urine to a job screening and be more confident in the days following your test. Some people are not comfortable with the substituting urine thing, so we’ll go over the detox method here. 

If you want to use the synthetic urine method (which we recommend for your situation), click here for instructions.

Drug Test Detox Tips and Tricks

This method is best if you have at least 2 to 3 days before your test to prepare and start diluting and detoxing.1. The first thing you want to do is start raising your Creatinine levels. Creatine metabolizes into Creatinine, which is measured in your urine to make sure that everything is legitimate. If the levels are too low, they’ll flag you and fail you. You can raise Creatinine levels by buying a bottle of Creatine supplements and taking them a few times daily. If you don’t have the money for that, eat lots of red meat, load up on it.2. On the morning on the test or night before the test, take 4 Aspirin. Only Aspirin. This should be done around 2-12 hours before the test so plan accordingly.3. 3-4 hours before you’re scheduled to test, start chugging fluids. Go for 2 standard sized glass to start, it can be anything; water, juice, teas, or pop are best. Drink a glass every 15 minutes for the hour leading up to the test (total of 6 glasses).4. At about the 1-2 hour mark before your test, you’ll start urinating clear every 15-30 minutes. Every time you go, drink another half glass of water to replace what you lost.5. Also at the 1-2 hour mark, take either Vitamin B2 or B Complex supplements, 10X the recommended daily dosage. This will help to mask your urine and disguise the fact that you diluted the hell out of it.6. Go take the test. Your urine should be so diluted that it would be almost impossible for the test to detect any drug traces. HOWEVER, it is more likely that your test will be flagged for dilution and you will have to retake later in the day or the next day, so be wary of that.This method is quite a lot of work considering this is all for an employment drug screen. They are required to shut the door so substituting your urine with clean urine just makes more sense, takes less work, and causes less stress. But some people aren’t comfortable with that and this option is definitely doable.

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A3 – Well You’re Pretty Responsible!

So at this point, there are very high chances that you’re going to pass naturally. Congratulations on having more willpower than the rest of us!But you’re still going to want to stay on the safe side, so click here to go and take some of the detoxing tips from section A2ORIf you really want to play it safe than you can go with the synthetic urine method. It’s not fun sneaking urine into a lab but if you want to be 100% sure that you’re going to pass than you can do this. Click here to revisit those instructions.Chances are though, you won’t have to be putting anybody’s urine in that cup but your own. However, beware of benzos and cocaine if you happened to use those, they last a few days longer in the system!

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B1 – A Troubling Situation But There Is a Solution

Well no doubt about it, you’re in a bit of trouble. Your test is coming up and you’re not going to pee clean, nor are you going to be able to sneak any fake urine past the drug test folks….or are you?There are two ways that you can substitute clean urine for a supervised drug test, but both of them are very risky and can get you in a lot of trouble. We would honestly not advise doing them but we feel it’s our job to give you all the answers. 

Options for Supervised Urine Substitution

Option 1: Slight of HandI’ve never really known anyone to do this, only heard that it’s been done. But basically you just hide the clean urine somewhere on your person, and slip it into the cup even if the person is watching you. It seems impossible to me but the other option is going to be fairly expensive so if you practice enough you could get it down. Option 2: The UrinatorThe other option is to purchase the Urinator from TestClear for $150. Here’s what it looks like:It’s essentially a bag (holding clean urine) that you slide around your waist, with a tube sticking out. When you go to drop, you apply pressure to the bag with your forearms and the clean urine trickles out of the tube, simulating the sound of you actually peeing.People have been caught doing this quite a bit also. But it seems that most supervisors aren’t giving you the ultimate staredown the entire time you’re peeing, so it’s a bit safer than just trying to sneak it by them. Either way, it may even be better, depending on your judge and county, to skip the test and hope that they don’t give you a fail.Next time, we would highly recommend that you take a break from mind altering substances during a pressing legal situation. I’ve been there myself, when priorities are all over the place, but you can save yourself a lot of trouble later on by just getting clean while you go through this.

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B2 – Dancing Closely with the Law

You’re in a little bit of a rough spot. You could potentially fail if you don’t take the proper precautions.But, if you do a full-on detox exactly the way you’re supposed to, than you have a fairly safe chance of passing. The only other option is to try to sneak in clean urine and I would say your chances are far better to just try to dilute your urine.We went over the exact step by step for how to detox, dilute, and cloak your urine in an earlier section. Click here to read it over. And make sure you follow it TO THE LETTER. Do that, your chances are good.