Detox Drinks for Drug Tests

Detox Drinks Work Great, But They are Not “Magical”

If you want to pass your drug test using a detox drink, the cutoff is 5 days since you last used for marijuana users or 2 days since you last used for anything else.  If you are above those cutoffs, than good for you, get one of these detox drinks because they work wonders. If not, you’ll need to substitute your urine with clean urine. You can get real human urine from, check them out.But for those who are using detox drinks, here are the two best on the market for the price: 

Ready Clean Herbal Cleanse Detox Drink – $19.95

This is the best option out there if you’ve last smoked marijuana within 10 days or used any other drug within 5 days. It works wonders and really dilutes your urine so that the drug levels are hidden. It makes your urine look yellow, even though it will actually be diluted.Basically, if you try to dilute without the drink, your pee will be too clear and not have enough creatine in it to pass the drug testers. They will make you re-drop. The detox drinks fix all that. And this one does a great job.

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XXTRA CLEAN Herbal Cleanse Detox Drink  – $39.95

If you need to detox within 5 days for marijuana or within 2 days of any other drug, than this super-powered drink will do that for you. It’s just a more powerful diluter than the previous drink and will even slightly “mask” the drug contents of your urine. They have created great tests to make sure people aren’t masking, but this product contains something that slightly tinctures your urine so that you can pass.This product is the best detox drink on the market. If you are willing to spend the extra money than go with it.Buy Now  One of the most common ways that people try to pass a drug test is through using detox drinks. These drinks not only help you to pee more often, they actually help to slightly mask the presence of drugs in your system. Many people have found great success using detox drinks to pass urine and other types of drug tests.Some people have been known to say that these drinks are a scam that takes advantage of the desperate. I would have to disagree with this. I have actually used detoxification drinks to pass a drug test before! I was stupid and smoked a week before the actual test, but by using specialty drinks like the ones from, I was able to actually pass the test. It was pretty amazing.But yeah, you need to check out, they have detox drinks starting from $20 and every shipping option under the sun. Whether you need it tomorrow morning or in 7 days, there is a shipping option for you. Plus, they have detox drinks whether you need the $20 drink or the super-powered drink for $35.95. If you’re interested in different methods for passing a drug test, the best thing you can do is buy their real human urine. It works like a freakin’ charm, it really does.But anyway, you came here for some information too. So let’s take a look at why detox drinks actually work.

Detox Drinks Work Because…

Detox Drinks Make You Pee

The most important thing they do is they make you pee. A lot. This is great because you really need to get your urine flowing so that you can cleanse out your system. The first step for how to pass a drug test as we mentioned earlier is making yourself urinate a whole heck of a lot! And that’s what these drinks do so well. They do this better than even water can. 

Detox Drinks Pass Your Urine Off as Undiluted

But the fact that they  make you pee is not the best thing about them. The best thing that they do is make your pee look yellow when it really should look clear. They also make sure your very watery urine contains the right ingredients to pass a dilution test. So basically what you’re doing is really watering down your urine, past the allowable levels, but you’re passing it off as if it’s not watered down at all. And that’s the magic behind detox drinks. Your totally diluted urine will look yellow and contain the creatine and Vitamin B that it needs to pass the screening tests. 

They Mask the Drug Levels

This next aspect of detox drinks is probably the most debated of them all. Some people say that they work to mask the levels of drugs in your system. I can’t say whether this is true or not. I don’t know exactly why these detox drinks help us pass drug tests, but I know that they do. So whether or not they actually mask the levels is irrelevant considering they actually work.If you have some time and money to spare before your drug test, your best bet is to purchase one of the detox drinks listed below. They are not that expensive and they may be the difference between passing and failing your drug test. I always drink one of these drinks before my test and I think you should definitely consider it too. They really do work.

Detox Drinks

There are a wide variety of detoxification methods, but one of the most efficient is definitely following a detoxification based on various beverages. Making a correct combination will help you offer your organism the nutrients it needs so it can function at perfect parameters, while allowing your digestive system to take a break from digesting different types of food.One of the most important organs that absolutely need detoxification is the liver. You need to prepare beverages that are based on vegetables and even fruits that are known to have liver cleansing properties.Besides being a real help in detoxifying your organism, the detox drinks also help you lose weight is a pleasant and natural way. Without a doubt, you will have to combine them with a proper workout routine, but the results are amazing. Considering the fact that most diets are all about taking pills or drinking some sort of diet shakes, having a natural detox drink is a great and healthy solution, mainly because you can prepare them in the comfort of your home. The ingredients are common products that can easily be found in any grocery store, each of them having different health benefits.  Here is the list of the major benefits that these detoxification drinks will offer your organism if you combine them with a correct diet and workout routine: 

  1. A great way to lose weight in a natural manner

Due to the fact that these detox drinks are made out of fresh and natural fruits and vegetables, they are a great solution for helping you lose weight. If you are a person that is not a fan of eating vegetables and fruits, preparing such a drink will definitely help you out, as it is much easier to swallow and digest.While you are undergoing a detox cure with the help of these drinks, you won’t have to do a lot of exercise in order to obtain results, even though they would increase the rhythm of the weight loss. 

  1. Helps your body eliminate toxins

One of the main characteristic of these detox drinks is that they are great diuretics, thus they are able to eliminate all the toxins and water weight. Whether you prepare such a drink at home, or you go out and buy these products, you have to make sure that the combination of herbs, vegetables, fruits and other components act together as diuretics, helping your organism flush away all the toxins. 

  1. Increases the body metabolism

Following a proper detox cure based on natural beverages, will help your organism experience a metabolism boost. All this is due to the fact that all the organs that are directly related to the condition of your metabolism will receive a lot of nutrients and vitamins from the detox drinks you take, thus it will help them function perfectly.Be very careful when you decide to choose the detox cure based on these healthy drinks, because there are such programs that will require you to stop eating solid foods for a few days, which is not a beneficial solution for your body. A quality detox program based on detox drinks will never impose such conditions. What’s more, some companies also include a detailed program about what juices to drink on specific days and even how you should prepare them. 

  1. Repairs the digestive system

If you notice that your digestive system is starting to cause problems, whether it’s spastic colon, constipation, diarrhea or other similar condition, it’s time to follow a detox cure. Following a strict detox program based on detox drinks, will offer your digestive system all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that it needs so it can function properly.These carefully selected drinks will also help another important organ that has a huge contribution to our digestive system: the liver. If you offer all the necessary conditions so that your liver and digestive system function properly, you will also notice a significant weight loss. All these are tightly related. 

  1. It helps you eat better and healthier

Using detox drinks for a while, will also help you change your eating habits and transform them into healthy and natural ones. You also must be psychologically prepared to make the change, but in the end, it will all come naturally. These detox drinks offers your organism the necessary nutrients and vitamins, successfully replacing all the sugary and carbonated beverages that you used to love. 

  1. Improves liver function

It is absolutely crucial that the detox drinks you purchase or prepare, contain ingredients that are designed to help improve your liver function, as this is definitely one of the most essential organs in your body, helping others function correctly. If you are used to eating fatty foods or drinking carbonated beverages and caffeine, your liver function is definitely deteriorated. You need to intervene so that your liver can obtain the necessary nutrients and vitamins. 

  1. Improves colon function

An extremely important property that these detox drinks have, is that they contain high amounts of fiber, an important ingredient in helping your colon function properly. You maintain the functionality of your colon within normal standards, it is important to give him lots of vegetables, fruits and fibers. Keep in mind that detox drinks don’t completely heal your colon, but they bring their contribution by eliminating toxins. In the end, deciding to try a detoxification diet based on detox drinks, may have much more benefits than you expect. If you buy them just to pass a drug test, it is important to know that they will also help you improve your overall health and if you decide to combine it with a proper exercise routine, it will also help you lose weight in a natural and healthy manner.Drinking these detox beverages will help your organism obtain the necessary amount of nutrients, vitamins and fibers, thus increasing your chances of having a healthy and normal life.