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Here at Synthetic Urine Reviews, we are dedicated to providing you with the best well…synthetic urine reviews! If you have to pass that drug test but just can’t seem to figure out a way. If you’ve smoked too much, too recently, or if you didn’t know you were going to be having a test coming soon, you’re in the right place.Synthetic urine is the ultimate tool for passing a drug test if you still have drugs in your system. But some synthetic urine out there actually doesn’t work. It doesn’t register as human urine because of the way the powdered urine is mixed with water. So what our synthetic urine reviews are going to do is tell you which powdered urine products actually work for passing drug tests. All types of drug test.

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Synthetic Urine Reviews

We want you to pass your test. We want you to use the synthetic urine that is going to work. We want you to maintain your privacy and you’re right to ingest whatever you want to. And that’s why we wrote these synthetic urine reviews.

The Best Synthetic Urine Reviews

The best synthetic urine reviews helps you to find the best powdered urine source online. So with that, let me tell you about the best powdered urine the staff here at Synthetic Urine Reviews has ever used.It’s from a brand called Test Clear, and it is ACTUAL HUMAN URINE. That’s right, they take real human urine and add it to their collection. Then they put it all in a huge dehydrator that turns it into tons and tons of powder. They then package up this powder and sell it to us to pass our drug tests.I’m thankful for this brand because they do the whole process for me. Sure, I could get the tools to do a full urine dehydration and then save that urine for later, but why when I can just buy it cheap from Test Clear?Thanks for stopping by Synthetic Urine Reviews and we really hope you pass your test!

Synthetic Urine Guide

Synthetic Urine is the absolute best way to pass a drug test these days. It allows you to circumvent the test no matter what you have in your system. However you need to make sure you get the BEST urine for your drug test…the problem is there are so many to choose from. Read the reviews to find the BEST and worst synthetic urine brands on the market. If you want to see what one will give you 100% success rate, then click here.Under the reviews I have put more information on synthetic urine. So after you’re done reading the reviews you can learn more about it as well!

Top Synthetic Urine Brands Reviewed

The most important aspect of passing your drug test with synthetic urine is getting a brand that creates pee that will get you to pass that drug test.Below is a review of the #1 brand – which has also had the most success rate. I also went into a few other brands too that aren’t so good. Hope these reviews help! Also, there’s more on synthetic urine below.

#1 Best Choice: TestClear Powdered Urine – $43.95

TestClear is currently the top provider of urine for drug tests. As far as we have seen, there are zero complaints about failed test online. This is probably because they use real dehydrated human urine in their kits. Read our review below or just go directly to their site.Read The TestClear Powdered Urine ReviewCheck Out TestClear’s Powdered Urine

#2: Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine – $39.95+

Not too great after what I read about on the internet. I would be wary about trying this out. It’s probably the best of the worst out there, however. But still not a good product and not something I would want to be open to giving a shot.Read The Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine Review

#3: Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Review – $39.95+

Had multiple friends who tried it and had issues with it. I’d be very skeptical about using it. Just not worth the risk. You can find more stories in the review below.Read The Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Review

#4: Tinkle Synthetic Urine – $39.95+

DON’T USE….Trust me. I failed a drug test and now I’m stuck working at this drug testing agency…it’s so annoying. Read the review below on more about what synthetic urine brand I recommend.Read The Tinkle Synthetic Urine Review

#5: Agent X Synthetic Urine – $49.95+

Beware about Agent X. I used them and they ended up costing my job cause of how low quality their urine is. I heard from a local shop that I should get it, but quickly realized why I should have never bought it from them…the reason? Well, I ended up losing my job. Read the review for the full story…I’m pissed.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

In simple terms, synthetic urine is actually a substance, created in the laboratory, which manages to successfully substitute our normal piss, both from a compositional point of view and of its chemical properties.Examiners usually use this substance to help them calibrate their testing equipment, but it can also be used by users to help them pass drug tests as they are identical in composition and pH level as the human pee.Years of experiments on the fabricated piss have made this substance to contain all the components of the natural pee, including urea, ammonia, creatine, sulfates, and the right formula for pre-mixed uric acid. This way you can get the best. Believe it or not, but today, these substances also contain testosterone, estrogen, coloring agents and even B12 vitamin. It represents a foolproof method of passing a synthetic urine drug test, but unfortunately, the wide variety of available products, has also created a few problems along the road. 

What’s the Best Fake Pee Brand?

Synthetic urine reviews and products are available throughout the world, with just a few exceptions, including some state in the U.S. It is recommended to buy these items from the Internet, in online stores, mainly because all your personal information will remain confidential, the delivery times are much faster and you can choose from a wider variety of the best producers and prices. Also, it’s recommended to read reviews on the different brands for sale before buying!Being too good to be true, the main question on everyone’s lips is: does it actually work? The answer is quite simple. If you buy a quality fluid that contains all the correct substances that are also found in human urine, and with the right concentrations, the results will be incredible and you will be able to pass any piss tests. You should also consider the fact that the vast majority of the laboratories that examine pee, don’t usually perform a genetic analysis of the sample. This would be the only way in which the examiner is able to discover that it is a synthetic pee. 

How to Choose the Best Product

Simple answer – reviews. It is important to have a clear understanding of how you should choose the correct product that better fits your needs. No, don’t just guy it cause it’s on sale, but read reviews – it’s very important. Also, here are a few characteristics that your product should contain:

  • In its composition, make sure it also has uric acid, because this is a substance that is tested by all laboratories. Carefully check the label of the product and verify it has everything you need.
  • Along with uric acid, make sure it contains urea. This is also very important.
  • Temperature is everything. Keep in mind that human pee has an average temp of about 36⁰C to 37⁰C, so even the best synthetic urine must have the same warmth. Professional products also include a strip that will indicate the temperature, and also a pad that helps heat the small container filled with synthetic pee.
  • It must not expire quickly. You should always be prepared because you never know when you will have a drug test. A quality product will last for years, without needing any special storing conditions. Keep an eye out for this in the reviews.
  • Always buy from a trusted source with a lot of reviews, whether you are buying online or from stores.
  • There are a lot of counterfeit products for sale.
  • How to pass a drug exam with the help of synthetic urine?

This method is extremely safe and effective, you can research many reviews that say this is the best! Also, it will help release the stress and worries related to such an important exam, especially if you know that you are guilty. In order to pass this type of test, there are a few steps to follow, but if you manage to do it, the result is guaranteed.Before heading to the lab or the location where you will take the exam, you should prepare the synthetic urine by placing it in the microwave oven until it reaches the necessary temp (takes about 10 seconds).The next step is to grab the pad that is used for heating and break apart all the ingredients that will activate the heating mode. Place the small bottle filled with synthetic piss in the pad so you maintain it at the correct body temperature. This is one of the best approaches to doing this.You should know that examiners tend to discard all samples that seem to be too cold or too hot, so you have to be extremely careful, or you’ll risk being forced to take another type of drug test.Make sure you keep the small bottle in a body area that cannot be searched, but you also have the possibility of buying a fake plastic penis that will hold the synthetic fluid, thus it will be impossible to find. This is particularly useful for those that are obliged to take a urine drug test in the presence of a supervisor. Make sure you research using reviews to choose the best one before you buy!Another thing to keep in mind, even if you are using the best synthetic urine on the market, is that you have to be very quick in giving the sample, as it tends to lose warmth quite fast. 

Are there any risks involved?

Besides the already mentioned risks of buying a fake product, it is important to know that some laboratories have already started to obtain equipment that recognize a low quality pee, mainly because this phenomenon is widely spread (that’s why you need high quality stuff that you bought because of the reviews and not because it was one sale!). Although, at the moment, there are just a few laboratories, you never know if the lab that tests your piss is equipped with such technology.As people continue their struggle with drugs, more and more methods of passing drug tests will appear, some with amazing results, and some will fail dramatically. The use of a quick synthetic urine solution as a method of passing a test will remain the most efficient method available for those who fail to understand that not taking drugs is the safest and most efficient method of successfully passing any type of drug test.When buying any fabricated piss, remember that it is available for everyone, it doesn’t involve any risks, and it has an affordable price for the help it gives you; $35 -$45 is nothing compared to failing a drug test. Make sure you get only the best and stay tuned for more reviews on synthetic urine!But in the mean time. This is the ABSOLUTE BEST urine to use to pass ANY drug test. 100% of the time. Out of the 1000s of people who have used it, there has been 0% failure rate. Guaranteed. Don’t waste anymore time and order NOW! You won’t regret it:

#1 Best Choice: TestClear Powdered Urine – $43.95

TestClear is currently the top provider of urine for drug tests. As far as we have seen, there are zero complaints about failed test online. This is probably because they use real dehydrated human urine in their kits. Read our review below or just go directly to their site.Read The TestClear Powdered Urine ReviewCheck Out TestClear’s Powdered Urine